Sureshot Brand Redesign & Website


Senior UI/UX Designer






Jan 2020 - October 2020


Directed and designed the rebrand of Sureshot, a martech software company. This effort was a self-initiative designed to modernize the branding of the company to better connect with it’s elevated clients and compete with other high-tier martech companies. I created various branding documents and assets to be used throughout their updated applications(another effort I managed). Updated the corporate website with a new design showing off the fresh branding and new software options available to clients in a more visual manner designed to increase sales.

Case Study

Sureshot Website Dribbble

Sureshot Website

sureshot about webpage sureshot sms webpage

About Us page - Solution page


The corporate redesign was an effort to modernize the elements of Sureshot to better connect with their clients. Sureshot competes in the world of marketing tools, and this area is full of large high-tech companies with significant cloud capabilities. The clients of Sureshot are modern and future looking users. The rebranding effort helps connect with this audience by engaging them with clean and modern visuals and compelling imagery from Sureshot’s software.

sureshot logo brand sureshot color brand

Glimpse at branding assets

Sureshot Website 2 Dribbble Sureshot Website 7 Dribbble

Various Sureshot website and Sureshot UI pages


The corporate website was getting some much needed love. There was a new brand direction including a new design language that Sureshot's products now use. I wanted the new website to encompass these elements in a visually striking manner. This meant reimagining the structure and layout of the site so that it's foundation would support a more visual narrative. I approach these problems by exploring various layouts with traditional wireframing techniques. In this situation I could focus mainly on how the content would be paired with the large screenshots since there would need to be good balance now that Sureshot had compelling visuals to showoff.

sureshot website wireframe 1 sureshot website wireframe 2

Homepage layout wireframes


Rebranding offers a lot of new opportunities that otherwise can be challenging to accomplish. I utilized this effort to align all of Sureshot’s visual languages together as one. This means the corporate branding, the sales website, and the products all belong to the same family. The goal here was to create a Sureshot ecosystem - an entire experience within Sureshot’s product network. Keeping clients in that network is key and by positively reinforcing consistent experiences and UX patterns it gives them strong reason to stay and not explore competitors.

Sureshot Website 5 Dribbble Sureshot Website 6 Dribbble

Ecosytem of product visuals

Show don't tell

When it comes to selling products, words can be very powerful. However people buy with their eyes first. An issue that Sureshot initially faced was failing to compel their clients to explore their products as no product imagery was ever shown. The new corporate website offers modern and visually compelling imagery designed to engage the potential client with Sureshot’s offerings. This was done through unique product screenshots to keep the eye engaged with the content.

Sureshot Website 3 Dribbble Sureshot Website 4 Dribbble

Command Screenshot compared to source product

sureshot connect webpage sureshot connect product

Connect screenshot compared to source product

sureshot website homepage

Sureshot Website

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Sureshot Brand Redesign & Website