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These are some of my personal projects.

I dabble in a lot, but primarily in web tech, native apps, and educational design content. There’s probably something here to catch your interest.

Hellish Creative

Hellish Creative is a design and development studio I founded building apps and digital experiences for nerds and makers.


Atalanta's Athletics

Designed and developed the website/brand for my wife's athletic coaching business, Atalanta's Athletics. Built on SvelteKit and Sanity CMS.


Color Cauldron

Easily create mystical color palettes by describing how you would use the colors, then sit back and let the magic happen.


Max's Photography

Designed and developed the website for my photography portfolio built on SvelteKit and Sanity CMS.


UI/UX Design Course

Created and maintained an ongoing UI/UX course and YouTube channel with a focus in teaching others design based concepts.


Get Sum - Easy Counter

A simplified WatchOS experience for users who want to keep track of a variety of categorized values with a simple counter.

iOS app

Menuette - Find Delicious Food

Menuette is the easiest way to find delicious food – browse beautiful dish imagery or search for something you are craving for.

iOS app