Hi. I’m Max McKinney. I’m currently a Designer at Figma. I also run a design centric YouTube channel, do automotive photography, and build cars.

I specialize in product design architecture and thrive in undefined problem spaces. My personal background is in user experience, product development, design systems, and design leadership.

To support my design projects I enjoy creating end-to-end experiences via frontend web development with a focus in React, Gatsby/Next, and CSS component systems.

Project image for portfolio item IBM Risk Manager
Design Lead

IBM Risk Manager

Created and lead a team of multidisciplinary designers (ux, visual, research, frontend) to create delightful and engaging user experiences in IBM's Security Risk Manager.

Project image for portfolio item Alienware Command Center
UI/UX Designer

Alienware Command Center

UI/UX designer on the award winning Alienware Command Center. Created a robust and researched design language for this product and future Alienware experiences. Defined and researched user needs. Established usability and experience criteria.

Project image for portfolio item Sureshot UI Product Ecosystem
Senior UI/UX Designer

Sureshot UI Product Ecosystem

Lead the overall direction of Sureshot's product ecosystem experiences and created the Sureshot UI design language. Built a powerful collection of micro-interactions to be reused across the ecosystem. Lead the discovery effort for Sureshot's user personas. Defined user needs, hills, and product experience roadmaps. Interfaced with existing and future clients to continue user need definitions and provide iterative experiences via Sureshot's SAAS architecture.

Project image for portfolio item Sureshot Brand Redesign & Website
Senior UI/UX Designer

Sureshot Brand Redesign & Website

Directed and designed the rebrand of corporate Sureshot. Designed and created the Sureshot website. Utilized self-created persona definitions and user needs to tailor the content with a resulting increase of sales.

Project image for portfolio item Dell Clarity 3 Design Language
UI/UX Designer & Frontend Dev

Dell Clarity 3 Design Language

UI/UX designer and web developer for Dell's Clarity Design Language. Clarity is an enterprise worthy design system.

Project image for portfolio item Dell R&D Product Design
UI/UX Designer

Dell R&D Product Design

Built future looking designs and outlined product visions for enterprise and consumer software.